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For Boards and Employers

exec.ly works with a broad range of organisations - public or private companies, emerging startups, non-profit organisations or executive search firms.


We specialise in board-level and advisory roles in Asia only.

Exec.ly does notadopt a jack-of-all-trades approach because finding the right board and advisors requires deep expertise, industry connections. Our specialisation maximises your success.

Third party objectivity

exec.ly understands boardroom dynamics and being the objective participant in the process, ensures the best candidate fit. Third party impartiality is critical to provide the most accurate evaluation of the people behind the highest governing authority within the management structure.

Outperform traditional board recruiting methods

We fill thegap that traditional executive search cannot access. Apart from organic outreach, exec.ly board and advisors are recommended by their personal networks - endorsed by industry experts and well-regarded senior executives. Our network effect even covers the passive but outstanding board-ready candidates.

How it works?

board and advisors roles


Preparing your role

We work with you to apprehend the nature of your role precisely, to identify required competencies and to understand the culture and values of your organisation.

We question your pre-conceptions and use our market knowledge to propose diverse and unexpected solutions.

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Identifying candidates

As roles 'go-live' pre-registered board and advisors may express their interest or recommend colleagues who match your needs. Our members also tap into their personal network to recommend prospective candidates, undoubtedly maximizing the search.

Each motivated individual evidence their competencies against the role definition, enabling our consultants to quickly identify qualified people.

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Ensuring the best fit

Profiles of the strongest candidates are presented to you. We can manage the interview, feedback, rejection, selection and negotiation processes, allowing you to focus on building a relationship with the best person for your role.

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