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One of the best early investments you can make is building a strong startup advisory board

exec.ly's diverse and vastly experienced pool of senior executives and directors could offer legitimacy, perspective, domain expertise and exclusive access to market/networks.

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Accelerate your growth trajectories

You get ahead of the game when you have the connections that were once inaccessible, the advices that prevented costly pitfalls, and the guidances that steered you to adopt the right strategies.

Gain access to markets & networks

Navigating a new market may be daunting and foreign to many startups, but the right advisor with an established network could open doors to a plethora of opportunities for your product/services.

Startups use exec.ly as a tool to reach out to potential advisors

Advisors and non-executive directors from exec.ly possess a wellspring of experience, network and market knowledge that startups with limited resources can leverage on. The genome of our advisors are made up of industry thought leaders, multinational corporate leaders, serial entrepreneurs and C-level directors of some of the fastest growing companies in the world.

Building relationships that drive innovation

We believe that impactful connections aren't just made from one-off encounters. New business ventures require meaningful network and support of people from positions of influence. 


A small investment for larger future returns

Our accessible pricing structure curtailed to startups allow them to unlock a plethora of opportunities and build an influential, legitimate advisory board. 

Corporate VC & incubators use exec.ly as an enabler to build a strong & diverse board

Utilising our analytics-driven matchmaking platform, incubators, accelerators and corporate venture capital could form a panel of mentors and advisors with diverse skills and background with tenfold the efficiency. 

Looking to advise and mentor the next big idea?

Help ideas take flight.