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Trustees for non-profit organisations


Find high-calibre, sought after trustees & chairs to lead your cause. exec.ly gives back by offering our pro bono service.

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Charity or non-profit organisation looking for a trustee or chair? Ask us about our pro bono service.

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We pride ourselves on empowering the pursuit of both effective and purposeful leadership. Hundreds of exec.ly board members are passionate about creating sustainable value for society within one's sphere of influence by being non-executive directors or trustees for non-profit organisations.

Zero Fees

This is our commitment to redefining boardrooms in non-profit organisations. exec.ly breaks the constraints that NPOs once faced in sourcing for boardroom leadership. With no fees, no frills, no limitations.

Board Experience

exec.ly's senior executives and directors are armed with goodwill and an arsenal of applicable expertise to help non-profits catapult to success. Our candidates accumulated years of experience, influence and skills that could add value and diversity to your NPO. 

Giving Back

Candidates are looking to build their portfolio careers by serving on NPOs as it not only widen their network but provide a higher ethical imperative than just ensuring an organization’s bottom-line. exec.ly candidates understand your mission and the value they bring beyond their checkbook.

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We want to help meaningful organisation take flight, even with limited resources.

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Change lives, empower people and build
meaningful organisation as a trustee or board member of world-changing charities

Many senior executives and board of directors give back and enable others
leveraging on their industry recognised experience - because with great power comes great responsibilities.

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