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We specialise in board-level and advisory roles in Asia

Finding the right board members or advisors requires deep expertise and industry connections. Our specialisation maximises your success.

Find high-calibre trustees and chairs to lead your cause

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Our candidates accumulated years of experience, influence and skills that could add value and diversity to your NPO.

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Hundreds of advisors are passionate about creating value for their society beyond their workplace. Through, we match the right executive to your board with minimal administrative fees.

Are you a charity or non-profit looking for a trustee or chair? We can help.

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Our start-up advisors are made up of industry thought leaders, multinational corporate leaders, serial entrepreneurs and C-level directors of some of the fastest growing companies in the world.

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A domain expert in technology helps founders overcome challenging technical roadblocks. 

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Grow your business beyond what was once inaccessible.


Get the precise expertise to solve complex strategic and operational challenges.

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We fill the gap that traditional executive search cannot access works with a broad range of organisations — public or private companies, emerging startups, non-profit organisations or executive search firms.

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Find outstanding independent directors and board of directors understands boardroom dynamics and the importance to find highly qualified objective directors to sit on your board.

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